color your life

in soft Italian leather

to organise your bag

with a wink in gold;-)

and to make you smile

color your life

by B+K is a young Amsterdam brand with a fresh collection of cases and bags made of soft Italian leather. We design in a minimalist style with exciting color combinations. Our items have a text with a wink, in gold print. We only use the highest quality leather and all our products are handmade in the Netherlands.

add color to your life!

Our products are the color accent in your bag, on the table and with your outfit. Each pencil case has a different color, text and contrasting zipper, making it slightly different. Bring extra color into your life: with the cheerful soft green pencil case in your bag, the bright blue round clutch or that deep red pencil case with a tiger print. We are always looking for beautiful new colors to expand our range and regularly introduce new items.

organise your life

The cases from by B+K are used in different ways. For example, for make-up, pens, coins and cards, a charger, mouse or glasses and they go in the handbag. The larger pouches are also used as a separate clutch. Our accessories must of course be beautiful and user-friendly. But they are mainly intended to make the user happy and to provide a bit of humor. Moreover, the pencil cases are packed in a colorful gift box, making them a perfect gift.